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Contributor Information

  • Name Ian Rosewell
  • Institute Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute: Clare Hall Laboratories

Tool Details

  • Tool name: B6.1.1 Mouse ES Cell Line
  • Tool type: Cell Lines
  • Organism: Mouse
  • Tissue: Embryo
  • Model: Stem Cells
  • Description: The B6.1.1 Mouse ES Cell Line is an embryonic stem cell clone of C57BL/6 origin for use in generation of genetically modified mouse strains.
  • Research area: Stem cell biology
  • Production details: Mouse; ES cell clones isolated from C57BL/6 mouse embryos
  • Cellosaurus ID: CVCL_F732

  • For Research Use Only

Target Details

Application Details


  • Format: Frozen
  • Growth medium: DMEM high glucose 15% FCS (screened for ES cell use) + LIF
  • Shipping conditions: Dry ice