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  • Name Peter Riddle
  • Institute Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute: Lincoln's Inn Fields

Tool Details

  • Tool name: CMT 64/61 Cell Line
  • Tool type: Cell Lines
  • Parental cell line:
  • Organism: Mouse
  • Tissue: Lung
  • Cancer type: Lung carcinoma, metastatic
  • Disease: Cancer
  • Conditional: Yes
  • Description: The tumourigenic and metastatic CMT 64/61 murine cell line is derived from an alveologenic lung carcinoma of a C57BL/1CRF mouse. It can be maintained in a completely defined serum free medium, but the growth rate is much slower than in supplemented serum. It has been used in studies of lung metastases.
  • Research area: Cancer ; Drug Discovery & Development

  • For Research Use Only

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  • Format: Frozen
  • Growth medium: Split sub-confluent cultures (70-80%) 1:3 to 1:6 i.e. seeding at 2-4x10,000 cells/cm² using 0.25% trypsin or trypsin/EDTA; 5% CO2; 37°C. Culture Medium: Waymouth's MB 752/1 + 2mM Glutamine + 10% Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS).
  • Shipping conditions: Dry ice


  • Available on request


  •   Franks et al. 1976. Cancer Res. 36(3):1049-55. PMID: 1253168.
  •   Metastasizing tumors from serum-supplemented and serum-free cell lines from a C57BL mouse lung tumor.