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  • Name Mikkel Morsing ; Lone Rřnnov-Jessen
  • Institute University of Copenhagen

Tool Details

  • Tool name: IAHF Intralobular Human Fibroblast Cell Line
  • Alternate names: IAHF Intralobular Human Fibroblast Cell Line, CD105high/CD26low lobular fibroblasts
  • Tool type: Cell Lines
  • Cancer type: Breast
  • Disease: Cancer
  • Description: CD105high/CD26low lobular fibroblasts have been shown to grow in culture maintaining its CD105/CD26 phenotype and functional distinction. Furthermore, the CD105high/CD26low lobular fibroblasts are distinguished by their capacity to differentiate into adipogenic and osteogenic lineages. Moreover, upon exposure to serum originally shown to reveal myofibroblastic differentiation in normal breast fibroblasts, the gene expression profile of CD105high/CD26low partly overlaps with the profile of breast tumor stoma.
  • Research area: Cancer; Epithelial morphogenesis, Fibroblasts, Mesenchymal stem cells

  • For Research Use Only

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  • Format: Frozen
  • Storage conditions: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Shipping conditions: Dry ice
  • Mycoplasma free: Yes
  • Biosafety level: 1


  • Available on request


  •   Morsing et al. 2016. Breast Cancer Res. 18(1):108. PMID: 27809866.
  •   Evidence of two distinct functionally specialized fibroblast lineages in breast stroma.