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Contributor Information

  • Name Carlos Caldas
  • Institute University of Cambridge

Tool Details

  • Tool name: MCF7 ZsGreen-ZNF703 Lenti-control Cell Line
  • Tool type: Cell Lines
  • Tool sub-type: Continuous
  • Parental cell line: MCF7
  • Organism: Human
  • Tissue: Breast
  • Disease: Cancer
  • Model: Tumour line
  • Conditional: No
  • Description: The MCF7 breast cancer human cell line infected with a control lentivirus (lenti-control) with no gene of interest. ZNF703 drives the exprsesion of the green fluorescent protein ZsGreen. This cell line serves as the negative control for the the MCF7-ZsGreen-ZNF703 overexpressing cell line (see Related tab).
  • Research area: Cancer

  • For Research Use Only

Target Details

  • Target: Negative control for Zinc Finger Protein 703 (ZNF703) (UniProt ID: Q9H7S9)

Application Details

  • Application notes: The pHIV-Zsgreen plasmid was cloned by removing the U6-TATAlox-CMVie-EGFP-TATAlox-WPRE content of the pSICO plasmid (Ventura et al., 2004). ZsGreen is used as a reporter for ZNF703.


  • Format: Frozen
  • Storage conditions: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Shipping conditions: Dry ice
  • Mycoplasma free: Yes
  • Biosafety level: 1


  • Available on request


  •   Holland et al. 2011. EMBO Mol Med. 3(3):167-80. PMID: 21337521.