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  • Name Michal Hayun
  • Institute Rambam Health Care Campus

Tool Details

  • Tool name: MHYO-LCL2 Human B-lymphoblast Cancer Cell Line
  • Tool type: Cell Lines
  • Tool sub-type: Primary
  • Parental cell line: Novel patient-derived (female; acute myeloid leukaemia) cell line
  • Organism: Human
  • Tissue: Blood
  • Cancer type: Leukaemia, Cancer, AML
  • Disease: Cancer
  • Description: The MHYO-LCL2 is an immortalised cancer cell line derived from a patient with acute myeloid leukaemia. The cell type is B-lymphoblast. This cell line is a useful tool for reactivation of EBV-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes in vitro.
  • Research area: Cancer; Drug discovery; B-cell biology; B-cell development; transformation

  • For Research Use Only

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Application Details


  • Format: Frozen
  • Growth medium: Cells have been grown in IScove Modified Dulbecco's Medium containing 10% foetal bovine serum and 1% pencicillin/streptomycin. Cells are grown at 37 degrees celsius and 5% CO2. Cultures were split at confluency 1:2 or 1:3 two or three times per week.
  • Shipping conditions: Dry ice


  • Available on request