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Deposit your research tools

Built by and for cancer researchers... is a global research tools collaborative where cancer researchers, from over 175 institutes worldwide, contribute research tools and share knowledge to accelerate cancer research discoveries.

Research tools are physically scattered across labs globally with limited accessibility. Support cancer researchers globally, by contributing research tools to and increase the impact of research beyond your lab.

Part of the research tool arm within Cancer Research UK, has over 40 years’ of knowledge, capability and experience to manage, maintain and distribute research tools at a global scale.

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How to contribute

Submit information related to the tool you wish to contribute
A team member will liaise with you and relevant personnel to ensure all requirements are met
The team will manage and maintain your tools and make them available to the wider cancer research community
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Contribute a diverse range of research tool types...

Research tools are physical, tangible materials developed in laboratories which enable scientists to conduct research, confirm results and demonstrate their reproducibility. can support the management and maintenance of a diverse range of cancer research tools including:

  • Antibodies
  • Cell lines 
  • iPSCs
  • Organoids
  • Experimental models 
  • Small molecules
  • And other latest state of the art technologies such as CRISPR
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Accelerate cancer research discoveries

Contributing research tools to allows you to:

  • Help expand the cancer research tools universe by contributing to a cancer-specific global collection of research materials
  • Help accelerate cancer research discoveries worldwide
  • Join a global collaborative of cancer researchers and share your cancer research expertise
  • Enhance your research profile
  • Access unique and innovative tools from labs around the world 

Contribute your research tools

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