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Benefits to you and your members aims to deliver global impact through collaboration between professional societies, membership organisations and other non-profits active within the cancer space.

Join the collaborative to discover how is paving the way towards uniting cancer researchers by providing an accessible and centralised portal to contribute and acquire research tools from.

Discover the benefits

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A novel way to engage with your membership
  • Make your member’s cancer research tools available to the research community worldwide

  • Enhance membership benefits without increasing joining fees​/ within your current membership offering

  • Provide access to a scientific knowledge sharing space
group of scientists
Accelerate cancer discoveries
  • Pay forward for future cancer research via global revenue share

  • Help your members discover a comprehensive source of new cancer tools from labs worldwide

  • Advance your member’s cancer research in line with their personal and professional goals
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A shared mission
  • Provide opportunities for your members to collaborate with like-minded researchers

  • Align and advance local and global cancer research in line with your mission

  • Appear alongside other leading cancer research societies and institutes 

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