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  • Institute Dublin City University

Tool Details

  • Tool name: CHO-Early Cell Culture Media
  • Alternate names: CHO-Early Cell Culture Media
  • Tool type: Media
  • Tool sub-type: Cell culture media
  • Description: A serum-free, proteinfree, chemically-defined medium for Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells. CHO-early delivers a higher number of CHO cells early in the culture.

  • For Research Use Only

Target Details

Application Details

  • Application notes: CHO-Early delivers a higher number of CHO cells early in the culture. Existing cell culture media products that perform well for one application (i.e. growth) often perform poorly for others (e.g. productivity) – CHO-Early and CHO-Late were developed to address this challenge and are aimed to be sold together as a paired “CHO cell culture solution”. CHO-Early addresses the customer need (among biopharma researchers) for a dependable, high- performance CHO media that delivers high growth characteristics in early-stage culture. When combined, CHO-Early and CHO-Late should fulfil the customer need for (i) high viable cell densities & viabilities early in CHO culture, followed by (ii) high recovery of titre during the stationary / production phase.


  • Format: Liquid


  • Available on request