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Contributor Information

  • Name Rainer Melzer
  • Institute University College Dublin

Tool Details

  • Tool name: SEP3 abasic Sahar rev Primer
  • Alternate names: SEPALLATA3
  • Tool type: Proteins
  • Description: SEP3 is a probable transcription factor active in inflorescence development and floral organogenesis. Functions with SEPALLATA1/AGL2 and SEPALLATA2/AGL4 to ensure proper development of petals, stamens and carpels and to prevent the indeterminate growth of the flower meristem. Interacts with APETALA1, AGAMOUS or APETALA3/PISTILLATA to form complexes, that could be involved in genes regulation during floral meristem development
  • Research area: Plant Science; Other

  • For Research Use Only

Target Details

  • Target: SEP3 gene from Arabidopsis

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