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  • Name James Morrissey
  • Institute University of Michigan

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  • Tool name: Biotinylated medium chain polyphosphate small molecule (tool compound)
  • Tool type: Small molecules
  • Description: The biotinylated medium chain polyphosphate is linear polymers of inorganic orthophosphate linked by high-energy phosphoanhydride bonds that has an approximate polymer length ranging from 45-160 phosphate units. This polyphosphate has covalently attached biotin to one or both terminal phosphates of the polyphosphate chain. Biotinylated polyphosphate can be immobilized on streptavidin-coated multiwell plates or beads for binding studies. Polyphosphates are secreted from platelets to regulate blood clotting and have been used in plasma clotting assays and to study bacteria growth and function.

  • For Research Use Only

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