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Contributor Information

  • Name Christof Grewer ; Rachel-Ann Garibsingh
  • Institute Binghamton University

Tool Details

  • Tool name: ASCT2 Inhibitor
  • Alternate names: L-cis hydroxyproline biphenyl ester (Lc-BPE)
  • Tool type: Small molecules
  • Tool sub-type: Inhibitor
  • Purpose: Inhibitor
  • Description: Lc-BPE is the highest affinity novel chemical tool for characterizing the role of Alanine-Serine-Cysteine Transporter 2 (ASCT2), a sodium-dependent transporter in a variety of tissues, in cancer and other diseases from this study. This ASCT2 inhibitor additionally provides insights into design for future clinically relevant compounds. Lc-BPW is the first inhibitor of ASCTs with sub-M affinity (Garibsingh et al., 2020).
  • Research area: DNA Damage and Repair ; Epigenetics & Nuclear Signalling

  • For Research Use Only

Target Details

  • Target: NA

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  • Shipping conditions: Dry Ice


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