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Contributor Information

  • Name Duccio Conti ; Viji M. Draviam
  • Institute Queen Mary University of London

Tool Details

  • Tool name: (pEYFP C1) YFP-Astrin Δ70 Res vector
  • Tool type: Vector
  • Tool sub-type: EYFPC1
  • Description: Encodes a siRNA-resistant version of Astrin (siRNA sequence from Thein et al., 2009)
  • Research area: Cell Type or Organelle Marker; Cell Signaling & Signal Transduction; Cell Structure and Motility
  • Bacterial resistance: Kanamycin
  • Selectable markers: EYFP

  • For Research Use Only

Target Details

Application Details



  • Available on request


  •   Conti et al. 2019. Elife. 8:. PMID: 31808746.